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For over a decade we have been providing best-in-class information assurance services and research, pioneering defensive and offensive security concepts and solving some of the most challenging security challenges for our customers in defense, finance, IT and legal services industries.

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Focus on research

Unlike consulting clearing houses depending on external innovation, Subreption has its origins in a strong, best-in-class research and development team with a long track record of industry successes.

Their assistance allowed us to overhaul our entire network, EDMS and communications systems, helping us with staff training and deployment. Their competition offered us rolling contracts without quite fixing the problem, Subreption instead gave us the chance to both fix our security posture and assisted in training system administrators to maintain the new architecture and employees to use the new communications platform comfortably.
  • 15+

    average years of experience per team member and contractor

  • +3 billion

    Linux devices and systems using technology we pioneered and contributed to

Press releases

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BIRDWATCH program: Ghost in the Orlan: demystifying a military drone platform

August 2022. Subreption publishes the first technical report of a software vulnerability affecting the Orlan-10 military drone system, its software internals and weaknesses in the handling of the FPGA software for C2 and data communications and other components. The report constitutes the first vulnerability publicly documented for a military drone platform. A program for research of military drone platforms is also announced, in cooperation with NGOs and institutions interested in factual research of such systems.

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2022 DJI Alleged Drone ID Vulnerabilities

May 2022. Subreption publishes its stance on the recent 'hype' surrounding vaguely technical issues related to DJI's so-called Drone-ID broadcasts, and the misrepresentation of these alleged security vulnerabilities as a publicity stunt, while also ignoring prior work by well-respected industry peers. A complete rebuttal of these claims and their motivations is provided.

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Subreption awarded DARPA Cyber Fast Track funding for high assurance mobile computing R&D

January 2012. Subreption LLC has been awarded with a DARPA Cyber Fast Track contract (under solicitation DARPA-RA-11-52) to research and develop the next generation of proactive defenses designed to deter exploitation of security vulnerabilities related to dynamic memory allocators, in operating system cores and applications.

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Our values

Founded originally with the intention of protecting intellectual property derived from research, Subreption has never made marketing or profit the main forces behind its efforts. Instead, our resources have been primarily dedicated to consistently producing innovative research in the fields of information assurance and secure communications. Social media or press and media attention are the least of our concerns. This attitude over the years allowed us to focus on pragmatic, immediately useful solutions for our customers with no nonsense. We firmly believe that our job is to provide our customers with honest, respectful but straightforward insight into their shortcomings and weaknesses.