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Leverage our expertise in information assurance. We have decades worth of cumulative experience in helping businesses large and small to overcome their security problems, develop secure products and improve their technical eadiness.

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Secure communications

Information Assurance

We have a long track record of successfully assisting businesses in adopting effective security measures across different architectures and ecosystems, from several-thousand hosts nationwide Microsoft™ Active Directory networks to mixed and multiple isolated network environments employing several different vendors and operating systems (Unix variants, Linux desktops and server systems, etc).

  • Advice rooted in our offensive security expertise.
  • Vendor independence: we will not cooperate or accept commissions from security vendors to peddle their products.
  • Realistic assesment of the customer's needs and level of risk.
  • We are well aware of the unknown knowns: no technology exists to cover all security needs, and we cannot underestimate the level of skill of adversarial third-parties.
  • Defense-in-depth: the real-world level of security for any system depends on the technical soundness of all its components.
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Code and Software Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing

Our permanent staff and contractors have been previously involved with the largest software vendors in the North American and European market, including Microsoft and SAP. We have audited multi-million source lines productivity software products, mission critical real-time operating systems and communications software for defense clients, mobile and internal banking systems, smart utilities systems and everything in-between.

  • Best-in-class code auditing expertise for C, C++, .NET (C#) and PHP codebases.
  • Proven record in finding software vulnerabilities in well-known products, including Apple, Microsoft and the Linux kernel.
  • A wealth of experience with embedded systems and mission-critical software.
  • Our experience in auditing large code-bases is only paralleled by few other teams in the industry.
  • In-depth knowledge of implementation details and platform specific quirks.
Code and Software Vulnerability Assessment
Secure communications

Secure Communications

Our expertise in radio-based communications, covert channels, ad-hoc networks and decentralized communication systems has helped clients with a wide variety of operational needs to setup and use secure communication channels to protect their own customers. We can assist in designing, configuring and deploying such systems for computer and radio networks.

  • We have pioneered covert channels research in widely used radio protocols and systems.
  • We are experienced in procurement and sourcing of parts and components worldwide for quick testing and prototyping.
  • In-house resources: calibrated test equipment (HP, Agilent, Siglent) and high-end components sourced from both civilian and military systems.
  • Our staff holds international licenses for operating radio transmitters and stations, and includes SIGINT reservists.
  • High familiarity with state of the art technology (civil -Motorola, Sepura, Hytera- and military) and our own development.

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  • Best-in-class technical team
  • A spotless work ethic
  • A "flat" company structure where the technical staff and management are one and the same: no snake oil, no used cars salesmen.
  • Honest, no-nonsense advice backed by hard facts. We are not here to please your ears, our job is to keep you safe and teach you how to stay that way.

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