Training and Education

We have successfully helped organizations acquire and deploy state-of-the-art skills in the fields of our expertise. Investing in education and practical know-how is arguably the most beneficial expense a business can consider to enhance its so-called security posture. We can share our knowledge and experience acquired through years of successes and failures so that you will not need to repeat our mistakes and those of the customers we have assisted for over a decade.

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Our experience with training programs

Our history with training programs began with an introduction by a business partner to a renowned training services firm in the US. They provided secure programming, vulnerability assessment and best practices training programs to customers in the private industry (including Microsoft and Verizon) as well as the law enforcement and intelligence community, including the Department of Justice. We developed tailored scenarios and training materials, including simulations of actual systems and web applications, as well as standalone software (for example, an encrypted communications suite) that contained weaknesses and vulnerabilities of varying complexity, from the very obvious to the extremely subtle (such as so-called logic bugs or insecure-by-design cryptographic primitives).

Eventually, we identified a potentially beneficial business venture and developed our own internal programs. For the last decade we have assisted personnel in finance, defense and IT to acquire and hone skills related to information assurance primarily. Our efforts include developing training scenarios and "challenges", exercises and other materials.

Security education

Our experience in crafting and producing materials for security education can provide existent programs and businesses with the necessary input to integrate real-world knowledge and experience that very few firms can compete with. The accumulated years upon years reading through code, reverse engineering, developing and testing offensive capabilities and developing defense technologies translates into an intangible level of practical experience. In the same fashion that you would not trust a novice driver to race in NASCAR, you would not trust a text-book consultant to train your staff.

IT infrastructure and security systems
  • Developing secure software (C, C++, .NET, PHP, Java)
  • Defensive programming
  • Understanding OS implementation quirks and pitfalls
  • Deployment of secure isolated networks
  • Design and deployment of networks for malware analysis
  • Incident response best practices
  • High-security systems administration
  • Network surveillance systems design and deployment
  • Network Access Control systems and their weaknesses
  • Best-practices for handling untrusted data
Physical security
  • Weaknesses of physical access control systems
  • Lock security and localized expertise (Europe, North America, Asia)
  • Weaknesses and privacy concerns of alarm and key-entry systems
  • Weaknesses of commercial communications systems
  • Abusing physical security systems from compromised IT systems
  • Air-gapped network attacks

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